KILOVIEW E2 HD HDMI Wired Video Encoder


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Kiloview E2 H.264 HD HDMI Wired Video Encoder - E2

Stream Directly to YouTube

You can send your encoded video to live streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch in the device web console.

Before streaming with our HD hardware encoder, you can edit config on stream settings (such as H.264 profile, bitrate level, frame rate, GOP, overlay, and so on) and protocol settings (such as YouTube streaming URL and key).

The E series live streaming encoder is equipped with powerful chipsets, therefore, you will have a stable 24/7 stream at lower power consumption.

HDMI to H.264 Encoding

The E1/E2 encoder takes SDI/HDMI video source from your camera or any video device and encode it into H.264 stream.

You can start your live stream using your camera, as long as it's connecting to our encoder by SDI/HDMI.

The video is automatically compressed and encoded into H.264 IP stream.

You will get a smooth experience with video taking, data encoding, and stream distribution.

Real-time Live Streaming

Compared with software encoding solutions, Kiloview encoders works more efficiently on latency and video quality.

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