Shape CUFST 15mm Studio Spacing CUFF Rod Block ARRI Rosette - SH-CUFST


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Shape CUFST 15mm Studio Spacing CUFF Rod Block ARRI Rosette - SH-CUFST


Clamp Arri rosette handles or accessories on 15mm studio rods
Block for 15mm studio rods
Block designed with a super strong cuff system and ratchet knob
Designed with standards ARRI rosettes on each side

The SHAPE Arri rosette 15 mm studio rod bracket is designed to mount handgrips or other accessories on each side. It fits on 15 mm studio rods and feature ARRI rosettes on both ends. The ratchet knob and cuff system allow you to easily clip or unclip the block to your rig without ever having to remove accessories in front or behind (matte box, follow focus, lens support, zoom motors). The SHAPE cuff system allows you to quickly install your handles or other accessories in one clamp. By pressing the block below the rods and by locking the cuff with a ratchet knob, the cuff system is super strong, providing you with the most solid system on the market.

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