Autocue Clock and Tally Light Package - P7014-0003

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Autocue Clock and Tally Light Package - P7014-0003

• Package including Tally light and Clock
• Clock mounts below teleprompter monitor, with tally fitted to hood
• Two colour tally clearly visible above and below the teleprompter
• LTC and NTP timecode sources supported

This package includes both the Autocue Clock and Tally light units to make sure your presenter has total visibility of tally, time and camera ID at all times.

The Autocue Clock package displays tally, time and camera number to presenters. It mounts beneath the teleprompter monitor, is able to receive timecode from both LTC and NTP sources, and includes controls to configure tally colour and camera ID.

The Autocue Tally light package clearly displays camera tally to the presenter once the camera is obscured by the teleprompter hood. The tally light can be attached on the hood to supplement the Clock unit below the monitor. Camera number tabs are included and can be placed manually in front of the light if required.

Place the optical sensor over the camera tally and it will trigger the tally light to live/on-air whenever the camera tally is illuminated. It's possible to daisy-chain power and tally trigger between the two units to simplify cabling. Brightness can be set for both the Clock and the Tally so that they are easy to view.

Note: if you're planning to add this package to an Explorer Teleprompter you'll need to purchase a clock/tally light PSU (P7014-5000).

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