FOR.A HVS-6000/3ME/3355OU 3ME 4K/HD Video Switcher

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FOR-A HVS-6000/3ME/3355OU 3ME 4K/HD Video Switcher

3ME, 48in, 24out(12aux), 2D DVE 5ch/ME, 2MV or 4DSK, HVS-3355OU, PSM, PSO


Frame +ME×3 +IN×6 +OUT×2 +MVK+3355OU

Offering 4K UHD and 12G-SDI support, a maximum of 80 inputs/32 outputs or 64 inputs/48 outputs, the HVS-6000 is ideal when upgrading from HD to 4K UHD
Designed for use in 4K(UHD) systems, the HVS-6000 brings 12G-SDI compatibility to all inputs and outputs. Users can operate the unit in the same manner as current HD systems. In an era of video over IP, the HVS-6000 anticipates these needs and enables IP interfaces to be mounted on all I/O slots*.
* To be supported.

Up to 80 in/32 out or 64 in/48 out, all inputs and outputs support 12G-SDI Single Link.
IP input/output support planned for future use.
3 M/Es with split M/E, 4 keyers per M/E.
Frame synchronization and still store available for inputs.
Upconversion*1*2 from HD to 4K on all inputs and downconversion*2 from 4K to HD on all AUX outputs are supported.
Control panels: HVS-2120ROU, HVS-2240OU, HVS-3320OU and HVS-3355OU (custom-ordered).
*1 To be supported. *2 Optional.

2 models available

2 M/E standard, expandable 3 M/E + 4DSK.
Up to 80 in/32 out or 64 in/48 out in 12G-SDI.
12 RU.

2 M/E standard.
Up to 32 in/24 out in 12G-SDI.
7 RU.

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