FXLION BM-HV300 B-Mount Battery 28.8V / 293Wh


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FXLION BM-HV300 B-Mount Battery 28.8V / 293Wh

ARRI raises the bar with the release of its new and magnificent ALEXA 35 camera. This particular camera comes with the new B-MOUNT system, which isn’t an industry standard yet. After hearing about the many advantages, this might go to change soon. Have a look at this in-depth video from ARRI, explaining the new B-MOUNT.

● More safe and compact structure, with blue rubber corner can protect the shell from damage in case of falling during operation.
● Intelligent PCB design for over-heat,over-charge,over-discharge and over-current multi protection.
● 28.8V battery, power range is 24V⁓33.6V
● B-mount battery can only be charged by professional B-mount charger or USB-C charger.
● Discharging temperature:-20℃⁓+55℃ Charging temperature:0℃⁓+40℃

The B-Mount Battery is a new design, developed by ARRI and Bebob. ARRI raises the bar with the release of their new and magnificent ALEXA 35 camera. The idea is to create a new future-proof industry standard. There are a lot of advantages in contrast to V- and Gold-Mount batteries. We put some together for you:

Through additional data pins, the camera or luminaire can communicate with the B-Mount battery. It can read for example status of cycles or battery capacity.

Due to the internal release mechanism, the battery plates get even smaller than with V- or Gold-Mount plates. This is also a big advantage, as cameras get smaller. The mounting mechanism is built really rugged so the battery doesn’t move while on a camera. The new release mechanism also features a quicker change of batteries while on set.

B-Mount batteries come in different designs and with different power specifications. But the minimum power output is specified at 15 amps at 24 Volts. Our chargers are able to charge the batteries with a current of up to 4 Amps.

We also provide two new chargers, suitable for B-Mount batteries.


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