FXLION BP-M300 4KIT With Charger and Case (FX LION)


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FXLION BP-M300 4KIT With Charger and Case (FX LION)

The demand for higher power batteries let us reimagine and redesign the original Square Battery. With the same overall dimensions, we present to you the High Power Square Battery Series!

This 18 Amps high power V-Mount battery has a capacity of 300 Watthours. Best suited for e.g. high power LED equipment or any other equipment that fits the needs of high-power batteries. Starting at 160Wh with up to 15 Amps.

As the battery's cells inside the housing had to be designed in a very compact way - it is even sturdier than the original Square Battery Series. We did lots of tests - dropping the battery from one to even six meters, throwing it downstairs and so on, and the battery remains still in its original working condition. The rubber corners provide even more support, bouncing off the ground and absorbing some of the gravitational forces that occur while dropping down. So if you accidentally let the battery drop on set - don't worry!

With 4 x D-TAP Outputs (also act as inputs) you can power most of your camera equipment right of one battery without using splitters. The Batteries feature a USB C Output and Input.

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