FXLION PL-Q4B12BV 12 Channel Bi-Voltage Wall Charger V-Mount


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FXLION PL-Q4B12BV 12 Channel Bi-Voltage Wall Charger V-Mount

This Bi-voltage Wall Chargers chargers 12 V-Mount batteries at the same time with a current of 16.8V/4 Amps or 29.4V/2Amps. Perfect for rental houses. Indicators show the charging status.

This Bi-Voltage Wall Charger can identify the battery voltage and adjust its output voltage and current according to it. This makes it easier to charge different voltage V-Mount batteries with only one charger! No more waiting time and lots of different chargers. You can now only use one tool for that purpose. Saves you a lot of time!

You can use this charger with 26V as well as 14.8V V-Mount batteries. Instead of a display, the charger will show you an LED indication for the status and the according voltage.

The four mounting plates of the Bi-Voltage Wall Charger allow you to nicely screw it into a wall in your rental or production company. Screws and mounting plates are included in the package. There are also three main switches, that you can use to power on or off the charger into three groups. These groups are built out of 4 charging channels. All batteries will be charged simultaneously!

If you prefer to keep the charger mobile, that's also not a problem. Just make sure that the ventilation system is not blocked by anything and you are ready to go! For other wall chargers, take a look at the 12 CH Wall Charger and the 12-CH Smart Wall Charger.

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