GREEN HIPPO Hippotizer Karst+ MK1 DISPLAY PORT Media Server

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We currently have 1 BOXED Hippotizer Karst+ Mark 1 with the latest MK1 software installed with DISPLAY PORT in stock for immediate sale.

Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst+ DP media server with 2-way SDI capture.

Initially built in 2021 by Green Hippo

With a seamless integration between Cinema4D and SHAPE, collaborating on 3D projects has never been easier. Getahead and share your findings with your clients and save time by using SHAPE to create visuals to show and explain the set up and requirements for your environment.

Projection Study

Allowing you to plan projectors for show; whether 3D Mapping or simple edge blending, place your projectors in virtual space and use our 3D tool to take the guesswork out of projection placement including;

  • What area can the projector cover?
  • How big are the pixels going to be?
  • How bright is the projection going to be?
  • Do the pixels stretch?

See it before building it. This powerful pre-programming tool allows models created in common 3D formats to be imported and reduces the steps from concept to reality with a full resolution, full framerate 3D Visualizer, built directly into Hippotizer’s control interface.

Use the simple 2D tools to enable quick blending, warping and keystone of an output and TimelinePlus (Feature) for 3D content mapping, use texture mappers to work in physical space instead of pixel space and visualize both static and moving options, in real-time.

With the new TimelinePlus, built from the ground up, this non-linear editor with keyframe interface is a familiar design and editing space with our built in 3D Visualizer, property panels and editor all on a single window.

Program hundreds of parameters quickly and efficiently using key frame, live record, blind edit or with Hippotizer’s unique property panel, bringing familiarity from lighting desk programming.
With an intuitive workflow and seamless integration with Hippotizer’s dynamic real-time engine, easily manage multiple streams of content and make use of the popular playback features to help you realize your project from the very beginning, making Hippotizer an integral piece for very collaborative environment.

Hippotizer offers a host of new ways to control the system, ideal for stand-alone installations.

The latest additions to Advanced Triggering include;


  • Trigger events based on time, date or local sunrise/sunset.
  • Architectural Pixel Mapping – turning the display on after sunset.
  • Projection Mapping Installations – turn on after sunset, off at 10pm.
  • Flexible Space – Turn on in the morning, off at night.


  • Trigger events based on location, speed or bearing. Synchronize time over GPS or the network.
  • RFID ReaderTrigger events based on RFID tags.

MPCDI (Multiple Projection Common Data Interchange) is a VERSA standard for exchanging information between systems needed to blend, color correct and warp a projector. Hippotizer uses MPCDI data to interface with camera based automatic alignment systems such as VIOSO and Dome Projection. This means Hippotizer can now use cameras to warp, blend and color correct common ‘simple’ projection surfaces such as domes or flat walls.

Green Hippo’s own AXIS system automates 3D Projector alignment; small sensors placed in the 3D model allows projector line-up to be done in seconds at the press of a button. Whether a 3D projection mapping installation, touring production or cruise ship, AXIS takes the guess work out of projector alignment ensuring it looks great for years.

Between MPCDI and AXIS, Hippotizer offers an automatic alignment solution for every project.

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