Hawk-Woods VL-SV1 Sony Venice V-Lok Camera Adaptor


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Hawk-Woods Sony Venice V-Lok Camera Adaptor - VL-SV1


The VL-SV1 has been designed to meet all the demands of powering your Sony Venice camera and Sony R7 recorder. The SV1 comes with many features that the end user will find very comforting, firstly a new 100% lock-in system has been added to the SV1 which you will find in the product carton, this eliminates the issue of the adaptor or battery lifting of the Sonys Venice/R7 V-Mount fitting under minimal pressure, providing peace of mind that continuous power is provided to the camera.

Secondly the SV1 offers a dual input system to cope with the demanding power requirements of the Venice, this allows the user to be able to automatically hot swap between a large capacity floor battery or the V-Lok battery fitted to the SV1. The primary power is taken firstly from the floor battery (Input1) and will switch once discharged to the mounted V-Lok battery (Input2) without loss of power, this is monitored by a dual LED system.

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