Hawk-Woods VLM-C53B Canon C500 MK2 Mini V-Lok 15mm Bar Fitting


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Hawk-Woods Canon C500 MK2 Mini V-Lok 15mm Bar Fitting - VLM-C53B

The VLM-C53B from Hawk-Woods offers the user a great solution of using V-Lok batteries to power the canon camera and further accessories. This adaptor comes fully equipped with 4X Power-Cons (D-Tap) and a USB output.

The camera is powered via a fixed XLR fly lead. 

This adaptor plate also gives the ability to hot-swap between a V-Lok battery and the cameras internal battery system(BPA Batteries) BPA-50 BPA-98allowing for continuous power without having to shut the camera down. 

Check out our range of Mini V-Lok batteries which compliment the VLM-C53B perfectly VL-M98D VL-M150D

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