IDX IM-50P/PD2 2x Imicro-50P Batteries 1x UC-PD2 USB PD Charger

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IDX IM-50P/PD2 2x Imicro-50P Batteries 1x UC-PD2 USB PD Charger

The Imicro-50P is the smallest battery pack in the world at this capacity. Rated at 49Wh, the Imicro-50P meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit while remaining useful in many diverse applications. The Imicro’s size is beneficial for users with small equipment and gimbal setups. It also includes 1x D-Tap output, 1x USB-C PD In/Out socket, V-Torch LED for use in dark environments and SMBus to display battery info via viewfinder on cameras such as ARRI and RED.

The USB-C PD In/Out socket has a power output of 30W which allows users to power a myriad of accessories, including a MacBook Pro. This socket also gives you the ability to charge the battery via an IDX USB-C Charger such as a
UC-PD1 or UC-PD2. Charging via USB-C is approximately 30% faster than charging with a traditional IDX
V-Lock charger.

49Wh capacity
Meets passenger aircraft travel regulations
Capable of handling up to 7.2A loads*
(1) 35W D-Tap Output (unregulated)
(1) 30W USB-C PD Output – 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V & 20V
5 Power Indicator LEDs (displaying 10% increments)
Battery circuit protection ensures the Imicro-50P is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against overcharge, over-discharge, over current and exposure to high temperatures
The highest-grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the Imicro-50P is one of the most reliable batteries on the market
11V auto cut-off prevents over-discharging (while load is applied)
Fully compatible with all ENDURA V-Mount Battery chargers and accessories.
Environmentally friendly and recyclable
*may vary depending on the operating temperature

The UC-PD2 is a compact lightweight charger that offers a very fast charge to two batteries via the USB-C PD sockets. This charger has 4 USB sockets in total (2 x USB-A & 2 x USB-C).
Compatible batteries: Imicro-PD series (IMICRO-50P, IMICRO-98P, IMICRO-150P), BMount Series (HV-160B, HV-320B), DUO-CP series (DUO-C98P, DUO-C150P, DUO-C198P) and SBU-PD series (SB-U50/PD, SB-U98/PD)

Pocket size allows easy carrying and charging operation for location and travel
Four power outputs, two USB-A and two USB-C
Max 100W output for fast charging
The output voltage is switched automatically to match the appropriate voltage
Built-in short-circuit, overcurrent, and over-voltage protection

*Please note pictures show the US version. UK and EU models will have their appropriate plugs pre-fitted.

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