IDX TA-PV2USB ENDURA V-Mount Plate with D-Tap and USB Power Outputs


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IDX ENDURA V-Mount Plate with D-Tap and USB Power Outputs - TA-PV2USB

IDX further expands its V-Plate product line with the TA-PV2USB. The TA-PV2USB is designed to accept IDX’s award-winning ENDURA V-Mount battery system and is made specifically to power and charge the growing number of USB devices. The 5V USB power output incapable of powering and charging tablets, smartphones, remotes (REDMOTE), wireless transmitters (CW-1), and more. A 12V D-Tap (unregulated) is available for powering cameras, onboard recorders, lights, monitors, etc. The TA-PV2USB mounts directly to IDX’s A-CP(A) cheese plate or third-party camera support system (contact IDX to verify mounting compatibility).

**PLEASE NOTE: Only one plate is included in each purchase. Images are for display purposes only**

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