Kelvin Epos Light Diffuser D90 for Kelvin Epos 300 - K-EPOS-MD-D90


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Kelvin Epos Light Diffuser D90 for Kelvin Epos 300 - K-EPOS-LD-D90

Create more flattering images by diffusing the light.
Diffused light disperses light evenly across a subject and softens shadows. In general, it produces a more flattering image.
The Kelvin Epos Medium Diffuser D90 offers a slightly thicker diffusion, but with minimum light loss, less than 0.2 of a stop, and extends the beam angle slightly which makes it a better match for larger softboxes and also for less precise optics.

Medium diffusion for Epos
Widens beam angle
Allows for better colour mixing with less precise optics
Magnetic mounting

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