Kelvin Octa 3' Softbox SNAPBAG for Epos Series Bowens mount included (By DoPchoice) - SBK-EPOS-03


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Kelvin Octa 3' Softbox SNAPBAG for Epos Series, Bowens mount included (By DoPchoice) - SBK-EPOS-03

The octagonal RABBIT-ROUNDER® SNAPBAG® with a 3′ diameter made for Kelvin gives unlimited possibilities to light your story.

Thanks to our highly reflective fabrics you will get maximum light output. Even without a baffle, they deliver even illumination across the front. The RABBIT ROUNDER® is the versatile, one-system answer to mounting a variety of DoPchoice SNAPBAGS®, Octas, and Lanterns to Kelvin light fixtures with Bowens mounts.

Intensified soft light. Shine bright. The Kelvin made by DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® uses reflecting fabric to intensify the light of your lighting fixture.
Easy handling. It’s a snap. Mounting the Kelvin made by DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® can be done in a matter of seconds. They are just as quick and simple to use as our award-winning SNAPGRIDS®.
No Speedring. No Hassle. The Kelvin made byDoPchoice SNAPBAGS® don’t need a Speedring unless you want to use one.

This flexible solution makes it quick, easy, and intuitive to set up a SNAPBAG®. Click out the arms, and sets them on the fixture. Lantern mounting takes a simple push open and a pinch to lock. Releasing takes a simple push of a button and an easy pull-off. Done. Enjoy your ultimate Kelvin lighting kit.

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