KILOVIEW CUBE R1 Recorder System


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KILOVIEW CUBE R1 Recorder System (without SSD driver)

Kiloview Cube R1 is very simple. It is a hardware recording system that can support you to record 9 NDI channels to the local SSD at the same time. In future versions, we will also add a NAS recording function.

A Turnkey Solution for Reliable NDI Recording

Why Do We Need a CUBE R1 Recorder System?

Kiloview CUBE R1 is an award-winning NDI recorder system designed to capture and store high-quality video content from multiple NDI video sources. With its user-friendly design, CUBE R1 is ideal for on-the-go recording in live events, post-production and content creation scenarios. It supports simultaneous multi-channel NDI recording with custom layouts, providing compatibility with a wide range of NDI formats. This recorder system offers flexible recording formats and storage options, enabling users to save their footage in the expected quality and file type. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, Kiloview CUBE R1 is a valuable tool for professional live event organizers and content creators seeking efficient video recording solutions for high-profile post-production.

Up to 9CH NDI Sources Recording, Any Resolution, Any Format

CUBE R1 offers impressive capabilities for NDI source recording, supporting up to 9 channels of NDI sources with any resolution and format. Users can synchronize video previewing and recording on custom 1/4/9 grids, enhancing their monitoring experience. With an automatic discovery feature, NDI sources within the local network are easily identified, while the NDI Discovery Server extends this capability to NDI sources in external networks. The recorded files are stored in the .mov format, giving users the flexibility to choose between fixed-size or fixed-length options using SSD or NAS* storage. Moreover, the CUBE R1 extends support to NDI High Bandwidth, NDI HX3, and NDI HX2, ensuring seamless integration with various NDI technologies for high-quality content

Flexible Recording Formats Selection: Compressed or Uncompressed*

CUBE R1 offers flexible formats of recorded files. When working with uncompressed videos, you can keep all files in original NDI formats to keep your content intact. CUBE R1 also supports popular codecs such as H.265 and H.264, so you can transcode your recorded files to make the most of your space with amazing video quality.

Plug-and-Play, Non-stop Recording

CUBE R1 is a turnkey solution offering plug-and-play operation, it supports non-stop recording by being equipped with dual hot-swappable SSD slots. The safety lock switch ensures the whole process is safe and stable. 

Reliable Kiloview Storage Stick

CUBE R1 records files to this reliable Kiloview storage Stick. It has two choices of capacities that best fit the needs of your production.

Kiloview Storage Stick is a high-capacity industrial-grade Solid State Drive encased in a protective shell to ensure stability, reliability and durability in a consistent working environment. Each Kiloview SSD has run its stress testing along with CUBE R1 to keep it stable and outstanding.

CUBE R1 must work along with Kiloview Storage Stick(sold separately).

Record in Synchronization Status

CUBE R1 supports a self-defined NTP Server to make sure all the NDI sources are recorded in synchronized status.

One-click Recording is supported, with one single press, easy the way of recording. 

*Record and Playback

(Currently not supported. Function will be completed through future firmware updates.)

CUBE R1 provides seamless recording and playback functionality. Users can simultaneously record and playback 1 channel of video at resolutions of up to 4Kp60. Additionally, the option to select a specific NDI source from the preview page for live streaming adds extra versatility. CUBE R1 further enhances the playback experience by offering custom playback speeds, including options such as 1/4x, 1/2x, 3/4x, 2x, 4x, and 8x, according to different needs. With the added convenience of a control knob, users can achieve precise frame-seeking playback, simplifying content review and editing.

Touch Screen One-Button Operation

A built-in LCD touch-screen allows users to start/pause the recording and monitor the status of storage and performance information that might affect the recording quality and process. User-centred Buttons and control knob also delivers better interaction experiences.

Various Multiview Layouts for Monitoring

1/4/9 multiview layouts are available for your choice. You can display/hide preview images/VU meters.

Customizable overlays for each window: Audio levels, Tally status, Current Bitrate, Synchronization Status, Source Names.

Safety Guaranteed

  • CUBE R1 is an independent recorder, we guarantee your videos are recorded continuously, correctly, completely, and independently.
  • Recording Quality Safety: Once a file gets full, the recorder will record the next file automatically to avoid frames losing.
  • Operation Safety: In order to avoid misoperation and missing valuable recording sources, the system will be LOCKED during recording. Once locked, the system needs DOUBLE confirmation to unlock and pause.

Record in the Fixed Length / Size

You can choose to save the recording files in a fixed time length or a fixed file size. 

Once a file gets full, the recorder will immediately record it to the next file automatically. No worries about losing frames. 

With the new CUBE R1 features, now you can schedule when to start and stop the recording.

Label Your Sources*

Freely label your video / audio sources to identify each of them.

Stable and Reliable Hardware Server

Ethernet and SFP modules are more flexible.

Half of the 2U rackmount design is more professional.

Reinforcement design, better stability.

HDMI* and USB port, convenient for operation.

*: Coming soon with free future update.


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