Kiloview M2 HDMI/VGA Video Encoder


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Kiloview M2 H.264 HDMI VGA Video Encoder - M2


  • Powerful streaming service, support full live broadcast platforms
  • Ingenious quality, 7*24 h working, SDK for secondary development
  • Supported global live video platform (tested): YouTube, UStream, Twitch and so on.;
  • Supported streaming media server platform/CDN system (tested): Wowza, FMS, RED5, SRS, etc.;
  • Local storage and recording based on Micro SD/TF card and/or USB Storage;
  • Supports image rotation, cutting, gray scale and other special image processing;
  • Supports character /image overlay; 
  • Branded chip
  • H.264 video encoding
  • Video dynamic noise reduction

M2 HDMI and VGA Video Encoder

When you need to encode and compress VGA or HDMI video signal such as teaching instruments, medical equipment, game consoles, PC computers, etc. for live broadcast, transmission, storage or system integration, M2 wired live encoder is your first choice.

Dual interface design, compatible with VGA or HDMI video signal.

  • VGA interface compatible with a variety of signal such as VGA/XGA/UVGA/SVGA/SXGA/SXGA+/WXGA/WXGA+/WSXGA/WUXGA
  • HDMI interface compatible with HDMI1.4 or below.

Dual streams output, two live broadcast conducted simultaneously

  • High bandwidth adaptability, low bandwidth network can still transmit high definition, low latency, no carton quality
  • Achieve low bit rate encoding and ensure high definition image quality, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can get high quality video quality
  • Kiloview advanced video buffer technology, forward error correction technology ensure video encoding delay ≤67ms and not stuck
  • It supports up to 1080p60Hz video format, and the output resolution can be customised

High integration, portable, low consumption, high performance

M2 can support 1080p60 Full HD video encoding, meanwhile enabling up to 960x540@60Hz sub-stream encoding. Under typicalcase, overall power consumption is <=4W.

Low bit rate assuring nice image and quality audio

M2 adopts VLB (Very Low Bit Rate) H.264 video encoding technology, bonding with preceding video processor to do videodynamic noise reduction, image enhancement, etc. Generally, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can achieve good video encoding quality, which meet needs of low bit rate and quality image under internet applications.

Powerful streaming media protocols supported and full service function

M2 built in SUNSHINE streaming media engine, fully support RTP/RTSP/RTMP/HLS/TS. Through protocols like RTMP/TS andother, it could push live video to many global live video platform/CDN. M2 itself is light-weight streaming media server, which canallow 20-50 concurrent users to access simultaneously. M2 supports Onvif 1.1/2.0 that can be easily connected to secure safety system/NVR system.

Easy operation and professional quality.

M2 allows you to use Web interface to manage device. Using and setting are very easy. It is widely used in broadcast and TV,interactive media, medical, network education, secure safety and other fields, professional and stable.

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