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KONDOR BLUE Panasonic DC-S5II - DC-S511X Cage Grey - KON-PS5II_CO

Panasonic DC-S5II / X Cage
Built-in NATO rails: Quickly & securely mount accessories to the RIGHT SIDE, LEFT SIDE, and TOP PLATE
Cold Shoe Safety Pin: prevent the notorious sliding issues that plague cold shoe accessories
HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp: prevent damaging the micro-sized ports on the camera and losing signal
Multiple Points of Contact: Additional points of camera contact have been added to the left side strap slot, anti-twist pin on the bottom of the camera, and the all-new cage Mid Rail ensuring a solid hold
Built-in Tools: 2mm & 4mm tools necessary for cage assembly and adjustment of the Ronin Arca plate are magnetically attached to the Base Plate
Over 30+ Threaded Holes: ¼ and ⅜ and M4
Easy Accessibility for Buttons, Dials, Cable Ports, and Battery/Card Doors
Designed to protect the camera from the most common drop angles. Strategically placed Mid-Rail for additional support for larger rig built outs
Perfect Balance: Designed to maintain ideal center of gravity with most lens sizes for effortlessly maneuverability from top handle
Wide strap loops for a side grip strap and/or a camera strap
60 tooth Arri Rosette in an ideal position for side handles, EVF mounts, etc

Pound for pound, the Panasonic S5II/S5IIX swings way above its weight class. To have such a feature-rich option at its price point is truly remarkable. As such, we wanted to create a cage ecosystem that would match the camera’s prowess. The S5II/S5IIX cage features an evolution of the KONDOR BLUE Mid-Rail that was introduced on the KONDOR BLUE Panasonic GH6 Cage. This greatly enhances the overall strength and rigidity of the rig. Additionally, the nested strap loop inserts keep this cage mounted rock-solid to the camera body.

The Left Side and Top Plates are securely interlocked with an Arri Rosette. The rosette is perfectly placed to be used with the KONDOR BLUE Wing Side Handle which features run/stop functionality. The combination makes for an amazing run-n-gun setup.

Per usual, the cage comes fully loaded with all the KONDOR BLUE perks–built-in tools, standard mounting holes/patterns, and bubble level. On top of that, the cage is backed by our lifetime warranty which our customers love. Designed to protect, amplify, and inspire, the KONDOR BLUE Panasonic S5II/S5IIX Cage was made for creators who aren’t looking to compromise.

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