Libec RSP-850M Tripod System with Mid-Level Spreader Payload 9-20KG


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Libec Tripod System with Mid-Level Spreader Payload 9-20KG - RSP-850M



Offering true compfort of operation in quick, slow, vertical and diagonal shot. The perfect controllability captures every single movement. Setup, shooting and transportaion. Excellent, user-friendly for all situations. Libec's stylish and highly-developed technology leads to a new tripod range. "RS PLUS" brings an inovation to tripod systems.

Maximum load weight of 25kg / 55lb

The 850 series performs perfectly with digital cinema cameras, teleprompters and studio cameras with viewfinders

Seven-step panning and tilting torque switch

Torque can be adjusted precisely to accommodate all shooting conditions and circumstances

Highly rigid and robust. Designed for heavy duty performance

The stable and steady camerawork is always ensured thanks to the remarkable rigidity and robustness achieved by the dual pipe structure in tripod T103B, Leg joints are equiped with grips for easy and comfortable transportation

Long slide plate included as standard

The long sliding plate comes standard, which provides a wide range of lengthwise camera balancing 


RSP-850M Tripod System with Case

RHP85 / T103B / PH-8B / BR-6B / FP-3B / RC-80


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