Libec TH-Z S8 Kit Fluid Head Tripod and 800mm Slider Kit - TH-Z S8 Kit

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Libec Fluid Head Tripod and 800mm Slider Kit TH-Z S8KIT

TH-Z H 75mm Half Ball/Flat Base Head
5KG Payload
75mm Aluminum Tripod with Mid-Spreader
ALX S8 33" Slider with 75mm Half Ball
Tripod Carrying Case
Fixed Counterbalance and Drag
Snap-In Camera Plate System
23 to 58.5" Tripod Height Range
Integrated Mid-Level Spreader

Introducing the Libec TH-Z S8 KIT (THZS8KIT) Tripod System, meticulously engineered to meet the exacting demands of professional videographers and photographers. This comprehensive kit comprises the TH-Z H Fluid Head, ALX S8 Slider (800mm), TH-Z T Tripod with Mid-level Spreader, and RC-10 Case, offering an all-in-one solution for your filming endeavours.

Setting a new standard in precision and convenience, this tripod system features an integrated LED bubble level for impeccable alignment and balance, ensuring every shot is flawlessly executed. The sliding plate, equipped with a snap-on/off mechanism, effortlessly interfaces with both Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, enabling rapid setups in any shooting environment.

With a maximum payload of 5kg, the TH-Z H Fluid Head accommodates a diverse range of cameras and equipment, delivering unrivalled stability and control. Meanwhile, the ALX S8 Slider (800mm) enhances your creative vision with smooth and precise movements for dynamic panning, tilting, and sliding shots.

Despite its lightweight construction of just 2.4kg/5.3lb, the TH-Z tripod boasts exceptional rigidity and durability, courtesy of its integrated telescopic mid-level spreader. This ensures steadfast stability even when working with heavier equipment, complemented by the TH-Z T tripod's impressive maximum payload of 25kg, making it the ideal choice for professional applications.

To streamline your workflow further, the Libec TH-Z S8 KIT includes the RC-10 tripod case, providing secure transportation and protection for your equipment on the move. With its unmatched features and premium components, this tripod system stands as an indispensable asset for filmmakers and photographers seeking reliability and versatility in every shot.

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