Miller 3912 CiNX 3 Fluid Head Kit - MIL-3912

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Miller 3912 CiNX 3 Fluid Head Kit - MIL-3912



  • Lightweight cinema pan and tilt fluid head and complete accessory kit.
  • The high-performance Resin hard case.
  • Miller Camera Plate Arri type (1065).
  • 100mm Claw Ball (fitted).
  • Mitchell Base Adaptor.
  • D150 Claw Ball Level.
  • Telescopic pan handle, extendable by 200mm (5”).
  • The multi-positional articulated pan handle.
  • Serrated handle clamp extender.
  • Accessory Mounting Block.


Cinematographers require the ability to adapt their set-up to suit their needs. Miller has put together a CiNX 3 Fluid head kit complete with accessories to ensure you have the right gear to get the job done without compromise. 

The head kit consists of a high-performance Resin hard case is a lightweight, waterproof shell with PE45 custom foam to carry Miller's CiNX Fluid heads and accessories:

CiNX 3 is a lightweight and durable fluid head packed with features designed to meet all the needs of cinematographers at an affordable price. The wide payload range of Miller’s new CiNX 3 Fluid Head enables accurate counterbalance of multiple camera sizes, lenses and accessories - increasing the flexibility of use.

The CiNX 3 payload range from 1kg (2.2lbs) up to 19kg (41.8lbs) and pan and tilt drag of 5+0 positions. 

A key feature of the CiNX series is Miller’s patented 16 CB Plus™ technology—a unique sequential counterbalance design resulting in accurate and rapid setup. With 16 positions of counterbalance, the new series provides very fine, repeatable balance, which is ideal for cinematographers requiring frequent and fast re-rigging.

The sideload platform enables rapid deployment of countless sizes of camera rigs as well as extended camera plate range of movement for balancing front heavy setups.

Telescopic pan handle, extendable by 200mm (5”). Particularly suited when heavy drag is applied.

The multi-positional articulated pan handle is designed for cinematographers who require tight and accurate pan and tilt control. Its positional flexibility enable difficult shots at awkward angles.

Serrated handle clamp extender enables pan handles to be mounted 50mm out from the from the fluid head.

Mitchell Base Adaptor enables CiNX Fluid heads to be mounted on industry standard Mitchell flat base tripods.

D100mm Claw Ball (factory fitted).

D150 Claw Ball Level is an adapter designed to attach to the bottom of a flat based fluid head. Attaching the adapter then allows mount to D150 bowl tripods.

Mounting Block enables user to attach 3kg of accessories, such as external viewfinder. Allows for 1/4" and 3/8" threads.

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