RYCOTE 15cm SGM Foam (19/22) (Single) - RYC104402

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RYCOTE 15cm SGM Foam (19/22) (Single) - RYC104402

Up to 10 dB wind and pop noise attenuation
Excellent resistance to moisture and UV light
Suitable for boom pole and camera-mounted applications
Durable, high-quality open-cell acoustic foam

The Shotgun Mic Foam is a discreet, slip-on foam windshield, designed to protect the microphone head against light wind and ‘pop’ (plosive) noise. Made of durable, high-quality open-cell acoustic foam, these windshields offer up to 20 dB wind noise attenuation, whilst keeping high-frequency loss to a minimum.

Engineered exclusively for Rycote, this high-quality foam also provides excellent resistance against the damaging effects of moisture and UV light.

SGM Foams:
SGM Foams for shotgun and other cylindrical shaped microphones, provide quick, slip-on light wind protection. Suitable for boom poles and camera-mounted applications, SGM foams provide excellent resistance against the effects of moisture and UV light in outdoor applications.


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