Slidekamera X Slider 800 STD with Smart Brake Portable Slider - MRMCHSK5800AF26


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MRMC Slidekamera X Slider 800 STD & Smart Brake - MRMC-HSK-5-800/AF-26/AF-31

Portable Slider
Smooth and stable motion
SMART BRAKE included
Maximum payload 20kg
Available lengths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1500mm
Easy to use

Easy to use the slider for rigs up to 20kg, a perfect balance of portability and rigidity.

X-SLIDER is a great solution for building an entry-level motion control system.

A specially designed cart that moves along the rail carries the camera and leads it towards the object that is being filmed.

The cart was designed based on high-quality components, that guarantee excellent smoothness and stable motion.

SMART BRAKE (included) is equipped with 2 marked knobs. One of them is used to completely stop the cart - PARKING BRAKE and the second one is used to change the resistance movement of a cart - DAMPING.
SMART BRAKE is mounted in the same way as normal parking brakes (PARKING BRAKE for X SLIDER).

It is also possible to remove the standstill brake and mount other accessories instead, for example, an electric drive.

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