Sony ECM-MS2 Stereo/Mono Compact Electret Condenser Microphone


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Sony ECM-MS2 Stereo/Mono Compact Electret Condenser Microphone

Affordable compact stereo microphone, ideal for mounting on professional compact camcorders

The ECM-MS2 compact Electret condenser microphone is designed to work with handheld camcorders. The compact 137mm length prevents the microphone inadvertently appearing in view and makes it easier to transport.

The ECM-MS2 offers both stereo and mono operation, increasing the versatility of the microphone. It allows, for example, for one channel to record environmental sounds, while the second channel is used for a second microphone to record voice. This makes the microphone very well suited to applications such as news gathering and documentary shooting on location.

Compact lightweight design ideal for use with handheld camcorders

The compact 137mm length of the ECM-MS2 prevents inadvertent vignetting of the microphone in the view when it is attached to a handheld professional camcorder. The short length is also convenient for packing and transporting the microphone with a compact camcorder.

Stereo and mono operation

The ECM-MS2 offers mono operation when stereo is not required, simply by cutting off the power supply to the right channel. This capability is useful for recording environmental sounds with one channel, while the other channel is being used with an additional wireless microphone system.

Metal body reduces external noise

The microphone’s metal body enhances audio performance by blocking vibration, resonance, and RF noises.

Professional quality sound reproduction

The ECM-MS2 delivers professional-quality natural sound reproduction. It has a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz (stereo) and 70 Hz to 20 kHz (mono), excellent sensitivity of -32 dB (stereo) and -36 dB (mono), and an inherent noise level of less than 25 dB SPL.

External DC (40 to 52 V) operation

The ECM-MS2 provides an electronically balanced output operation on 48 V standard external power.

Original windscreen protects from contact noise

The supplied “feather boa like” windscreen suppresses the strong wind noise typical of harsh-climate operating conditions.

Cable tie for bundling and fastening the microphone cable

A cable tie is supplied to fasten the unplugged microphone cable during mono operation.

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