TallyTec Pro Base8 8 Channel Transmitter

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TallyTec Pro Base8 8 Channel Transmitter

The TallyTec Pro Base8 Transmitter offers an 8-channel solution. Designed for use in production and broadcast studios as the standard wired or wireless transmitter supporting up to 8 channels on wired or wireless receivers  giving a range of 2km on wireless. Powered through a mains or 12v battery, this robust transmitter continuously outputs live and preview signals from a wide variety of mixers to four of our camera-mounted receivers by wireless or by cat5/6 cable.

The transmitter receives information from a mixer’s PGM output and sends a pulse to turn on the red LEDs on the receiver assigned to this camera. If the mixer also generates information from the Preview row, the TallyTec Pro transmits this and turns on the green LED located at the front and back of the receivers to keep the cameraman informed that his shot will be next on air. The front LED panel can be switched off if required.

Wired receivers are connected to the transmitter through 8 x RJ45 connectors located on the rear panel and are powered through the transmitter. The wireless is rechargeable from the Base unit and connects up to 2km from the base transmitter. Each transmitter has 4 different ranges, which can support up to 8 channels in the 866/915MHz transmission waveband.

The TallyTec Pro can operate with any vision mixers using open/closed contact or +5v or -5v and is available in both desktop and rack-mounted versions.

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