Theatrixx DisplayPort to Quad SDI - XVVR-4DP2QSDI


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Theatrixx DisplayPort to Quad SDI - TXVV-R-4DP2QSDI

Theatrixx - 4 x DisplayPort to Quad 3G-SDI Converter - 16 x 3G-SDI Outputs (1RU)


  • Internal or external (tri-level) sync source with automatic detection
  • Less than 2 frames latency
  • Built-in test pattern automatically enabled when no signal present (or black field, user-selectable)
  • Pre-configured EDIDs for both 60Hz and 50Hz (user-selectable)
  • Also available as a single-channel module in stage box or reversible module format

While 4K video sources are well on their way to becoming commonplace in professional and consumer electronics, and 8K right is around the corner, there is still a fair amount of signal transport and display solutions utilizing Full-HD infrastructure. 3G-SDI is a proven, reliable transport medium and trusted by millions of users worldwide, and a staggering amount of displays and projectors are still being shipped with native Full-HD support. Meanwhile, 4K sources such as computers and media servers are readily available, and this often creates a case of wastage when the displays can?t use the full pixel output of a source.

Introduction the Theatrixx DisplayPort to Quad-SDI converter - the ideal bridge between your 4K sources and Full-HD displays. It has been designed with a single function in mind : take a 4K50/60, DisplayPort 1.2 input signal, and slice it into four 1080p60 quadrants on 3G-SDI connectors. Featuring 4 processing channels in a compact 1U enclosure, the device is capable of taking 4x 4K60 DisplayPort inputs and delivering 16 full-HD, 1080p60 outputs simultaneously with zero configuration. Latency is kept to a minimum thanks to a simplified yet robust processing architecture.

Each processing channel features a Gen-Lock input and loop thru for external synchronization, and the device is capable of generating a test pattern when no signal is applied to its input. The DisplayPort to Quad-SDI converter is future proof, enabling multiple channels to be synchronized together to handle combined resolutions of 8K, 16K, and more.

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