Tiffen PRO100 ND Starter Kit - PRO100NDSTRTKT


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Tiffen PRO100 ND Starter Kit - PRO100NDSTRTKT


Ideal for landscapes, seascapes and portraits, this essential beginner kit was designed to introduce you to the world of ND filters. The ND 1.2 provides you with 4 stops of light absorption, preventing almost all light from entering the camera, allowing you to slow the shutter down to blur motion or open up the cameras aperture for shallow depth of field. Like the ND 1.2, the Graduated ND 1.2, eliminates the excess light in the scene, while also helping to maintain proper exposure in the sky.


Tiffen Pro100 Series Holder
77mm & 82mm Adapter Rings
Tiffen ND 1.2 (4 Stop)
Tiffen Graduated ND 1.2 (4 Stop)


Tiffen's Pro 100 Series Filter System 

The sleek and innovative design of our camera filter holder enables you to use up to two Tiffen Award Winning 4mm thick glass Motion Picture/Television filters at once, giving you the opportunity to create images like never before.

  • Extremely durable Aluminum Frame equipped with rubberized grips, allowing for a secure fit for 4X4 and 4X5.650 filters
  • Holds up to two, 4mm thick filters
  • Fully rotatable adapting ring
  • Edge sealed to prevent light leaks*
  • Works with adapting rings from 49mm-82mm
* Felt lining included to prevent light leaks (for long exposure photography).

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