XEEN CF 24mm T1.5 4K Wide-angle Full Frame Cine Lens Sony FE Mount - 7240


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XEEN CF 24mm T1.5 4K Wide-angle Full Frame Cine Lens Sony FE Mount - 7240 


    • Compact professional, manual focus, full frame, wide-angle cine lens
    • XEEN CF models are the first full-frame cinema lenses which incorporate carbon fibre (lighter and stronger than metal) into the lens barrel
    • Support 8K and full frame (large format) image sensors installed in the latest movie cameras
    • Larger aperture and focus gear rings (with rounded edges)
    • Luminous scales with new clearly visible font
    • Available for Canon EF or PL Mount


    • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.25 m
    • Dimensions: Ø100.0 x 124.5 mm
    • Focal Length: 24mm
    • Maximum Aperture: T1.5
    • Mount Type: Sony FE
    • No. Diaphragm Blades: 11
    • Weight: 1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs


    By applying carbon fiber, which is lighter than metal but solid and beautiful, to the lens body tube, it remains lightweight while maintaining durability.

    It is designed to be small and light so it can be mounted on numerous cameras and used more flexibly in a variety of environments.


    It has the outstanding resolution supporting a large image sensor and 8K. Additionally, it offers beautiful bokeh with a bright T1.5 aperture and maximize the delicate emotions of people while richly depicting the shot.


    By applying our proprietary X-coating technology, it effectively controls the reflection of light inside and within the lens itself to create a distinctive look. Properly utilizing flares and ghosting, you can create dramatic effects.


    The front aperture (95mm), focus, and aperture ring gear positions are unified, making it easy and convenient to attach and detach lens accessories such as Matte Box and Follow Focus. In addition, the ultra-bright luminous font allows for convenient use in dark environments.

    1. Ø95 Front Size
      Designed to 95mm standard front diameter size it is compact in size and easily compatible with Matte Box
    2. Carbon Fiber
      Carbon fiber is applied to part of the body tube, making it both light and durable
    3. Compatible with the large image sensors
      Compatible with the latest cameras that adopt large image sensors such as Full Frame, Large Format, and Vista Vision
    4. PL, EF, E mount
      Three mount options for mounting on a variety of cameras
      * LPL mounting is available when using an adapter
    5. 11 sheet aperture
      11 sheets are applied for bokeh close to original and beautiful background blur
    6. X-Coating
      Provides a distinctive look by controlling internal reflection, flare, and ghosting, and produces dramatic images
    7. Luminous font
      All scales, including focal length and aperture values, are treated with bright fluorescent paint for convenient use, even in low light environments
    8. Improvement of Focus, Aperture Gear usability
      Focus ring and aperture ring locations are uniform across all models, gear design and weight were improved for rotation
    9. Wide Focus Gear rotation angle
      200 ° wide angle of rotation enables fine focus adjustment
    10. Bidirectional Scale
      The focus and aperture values are displayed on both sides of the lens, enabling easy verification and operation from either side
    Dramatic Portraits

    XEEN CF, compatible with the latest Digital Cinema Camera, can express the dramatic emotions of a performer in a rich and delicate manner.

    Crystal Clear Resolution

    Optimized for the latest image sensors and seamlessly compatible with the latest cameras. Supporting 8K, XEEN CF delivers superior resolution for more vibrant landscapes and detailed depictions.

    Sharp and Rich Image

    Excellent sharpness and colour optimized for skin tone shows excellent results with subtle emotional expression.

    Dimensional Look

    Sense of depth is expressed able to be expressed more freely, allowing you to shoot images with excellent sense of dimensionality and space. Increase the focus on the main performers and the beautifully blurred background adds to the beauty of the image.

    Cinematic Halation Effect

    Proprietary X Coating technology effectively controls flares and ghosting while reducing unwanted light reflections providing a halation effect for dramatic expression.

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